"How did you choose your dogs’ names?" The majority of dog owners gave their furry friends a "human name" or one that described its personality. 

Read on for more information on pet monikers.

  • 47.1 percent of dog owners chose names like Molly, Sam, Annie or Max.

  • 32.8 percent of dog owners gave their dogs names that described its actions or personality, such as Twister, Sweetie and Trouble.

  • 23 percent of dog owners gave their dogs names that resembled their physical appearance, such as Brownie, Snowball, and Spot.

  • 18.5 percent named their dogs after a famous person, such as Cher or Sylvester. 

Pointers in choosing a pet name:

  • Consider names that the dog can easily recognize.

  • Animals respond better to one or two syllable names.

  • Consider names that are easy to call out - Don't go for a tongue twister!

  • A pet's behavior is a great source of inspiration for names. Study your pet's behavior for ideas.

  • Avoid names that sound like standard instructions, such as Spirit (Sit), Kay (Stay) Fletcher (Fetch), etc. It can be difficult for dogs to tell the difference between similar sounding words.

  • Consider names that will suit your pet through its entire life. For example, "puppy" may not be appropriate for your dog when she matures.

  • Get a book of "Baby Names" and check out their meanings. You may find one that suits your new pet perfectly - like "Clyde," which means "heard from a distance" or "Rhett," which translates to "enthusiastic."